Price level

Malta is one of the most budget friendly countries in Europe to visit, especially if you go off the beaten track in search of restaurants and shops that are popular with locals. In comparison to popular destinations, such as Italy, France, and Spain, Malta wins out on value for money.

Accommodation prices in Malta rank better than many of its popular neighbours, such as Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Europe’s major countries. Hotel rooms average 50 euros a night, and it is possible to get a room at a five-star hotel for only 100 euros a night. It’s best to shop around and look at local accommodation options directly, as this may give you better rates. If you want to find something cheaper, such as bed & breakfasts or hostels you can. Compared to Italy, Malta is much cheaper. Hotel rooms in Italy’s major cities can cost up to 200 euros a night for a double room.

Eating and Drinking
Eating out in restaurants can vary greatly in price, depending on where you go. Menus will be more expensive in popular tourist spots, while non-tourist areas will have some very good prices. The average inexpensive meal costs around 10 euros, with an average three-course dinner at a mid-range restaurant costing 40 euros. Beer is a good value in Malta with bottles costing 2 euros or less.
Local beers will be the cheapest, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Transportation is very cheap in Malta and the public transport system is extensive and good. The island’s small size makes it easy to reach every corner. You can buy a monthly public transport pass for around 26 euros. With some single bus journeys costing less than 0.50 cents it makes getting around without a car extremely economical. Petrol is pretty in-line with Europe at 1.45 a litre.

In comparison to other European countries Malta isn’t particularly cheap when it comes to clothes and shoes. The average pair of branded jeans costs 77 euros, but if you’re willing to buy an unknown, brand you’ll find them cheaper. Leather shoes cost around 67 euros on average, as do Nike’s. Women’s clothes average 53 euros. However, with some good searching, you will be able to find cheaper options.

Cost of Living
Many visitors to Malta love the relaxed life and low cost of living so much that they decide to stay longer than the usual one-week trip. Grocery prices mean you can survive very cheaply. A loaf of bread and litre of milk can both be bought for less than 1 euro each, with other staples, such as eggs, rice, fresh fruit, and potatoes all less than 2 euros. While food in Malta isn’t the cheapest in Europe, it is much cheaper than places like Italy, the UK, Belgium, Sweden, and Cyprus.

Rental prices are also very reasonable, even in the main towns with prices averaging between 287 to 657 euros per month. The more rural you live the cheaper you’ll find a place to rent. Utilities will obviously vary depending on your consumption with the average monthly bill coming to 102 euros, including heat, electricity, water, and garbage. If you watch your consumption, you’ll be able to get this bill even lower.

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