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The Republic of Malta, or Malta for short, is a small group of islands in the warm Mediterranean Sea, close to the southern shores of Sicily. With a surface area of only 316 km² but a population of around 450,000, Malta is amongst the world’s tiniest but most densely populated countries. Of the several islands only three are populated; Malta, Gozo and Comino, each with its unique characteristics and attractions. Both Maltese and English are official languages; after all, the islands gained their independence from the United Kingdom as late as 1964.

The islands comprising the Republic of Malta are often correctly described as one big open air museum, with stunning architecture, ancient watchtowers, unrivaled natural wonders and historic villages to explore. Malta can boast with some of the most ancient structures on the planet, as the Megalithic Temples found there date back all the way to 4000 BC, and the underground Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni is just 1,000 years younger. In addition, the capital city Valletta’s old-town offers an atmosphere and gorgeous architecture right from the Middle Ages, when the Order of the Knight of St.John built it. Malta’s natural wonders, such as Calypso’s Cave and Azure Window, introduce to you some of the most awesome creations Mother Nature has ever created.

Activities in Malta range from cycling and walking to some of the finest scuba diving in the Mediterranean. There are also exciting shore excursions for cruise passengers, some stunning world-class day spas, golf facilities, paragliding and a lively cultural calendar, including the annual Arts Festival from late July to mid August, which brings touring orchestras and art exhibitions, and even an opera under the stars.

Since Malta is easy to reach from all major European airports, and beyond those, why not come and let yourself be pampered by the friendly Maltese people and experience some truly unique moments in these beautiful islands?



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  1. A refreshing site about Malta, with all the major things covered. I have been to Malta a couple of times in my life, and can personally recommend it to everyone. The islands have so much to offer and it’s a nice destination in the middle of the winter, when one wants a break from cold.

  2. Each of Malta’s islands have a unique character and even nature, and I would advice making your holiday one with island hopping. You could spend a couple of days on Malta, then move on to Comino and finish with lovely Gozo. That way you get the whole pleasure package Malta has to offer and see some truly amazing places. Make your bookings in advance through the Internet, so you have it all planned and organized before you go. There is a vast selection of accommodation to suit every wallet, so you are guaranteed to find yours.

  3. I cannot understand all the fuss about Malta’s beauty. I was there a short while ago and all I can remember seeing was rocks: small rocks, medium rocks and large rocks! There were a couple of beaches, pretty but a way too overcrowded for my taste. I don’t think Malta has much to offer besides its history and architectural sights of Valleta old-town.

  4. Since I have a great passion with cooking and culinary delights in general, I would very gladly see an extra page on this site about the traditional dishes in Malta. Since all countries have some distinctive dishes, and drinks, that maybe cannot be found elsewhere, I would love to learn what are the Maltese ones. I am heading to Malta in late October, and it would be great to know in advance which menu items are truly worth a try.

    • Malta has some very interesting dishes you absolutely should taste during your vacation. Aljotta is the local fish soup, which is made using small fish, rice, spices, tomato etc. and it’s one of my personal favorites. If you’re more into meat, why not order some pork sausages spiced with a handsome dose of garlic, rosemary and coriander. They go by the name Zalzett tal-Malti. As for the desserts, I adore the marzipan and ricotta filled Cassatta.

  5. Besides architecture and some nice views, I found Malta has very little to offer for an outgoing person. It may have some wonderful spots for nature lovers, but not for shopaholics or party animals. I thought all Mediterranean islands were loaded with great shopping opportunities and all night parties with the best music. In Malta I found neither of them.

  6. I love Malta, i been living here for 5 years now and sweden before, a great site to find apartments in malta is boendemalta.se, good luck

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