Visiting Malta can be such a rewarding experience. If you want to come here to enjoy the beaches, appreciate the culture, and have an entirely different adventure, proper planning is the key. Listed below are the most common accommodation choices in the archipelago, so you can plan your stay well and manage your budget properly at the same time.

1. Hotels
Hotels are found all over the world, including Malta of course. Hotels are usually found near the beaches and most of them are quite easy to book over the internet. The nicest luxury hotels are found in the Golden Bay, Paradise Bay, and other popular beach destinations.

2. Hostels
Hostels are budget accommodations, and not so hard to find in Malta. There is a high concentration of hostels in Paceville, St. Julian’s, and Sliema. Some of them can even provide airport pickup services for a traveller’s convenience. It is also possible to book some of Malta’s best hostels over the internet.

3. Villas
Another popular accommodation choice for long-term travellers to Malta is renting a villa. These places will allow you to enjoy a relaxing and a more peaceful holiday experience. Private villas are found in areas such as Manikata, Santa Maria Estate, Bidnija, Mdina, Rabat, Zurrieq, St. Julians, and Zejtun, among others.

4. Farmhouses
If you would like to experience more of Malta’s countryside, try living in a farmhouse for a week or more. This type of accommodation is very popular in Gozo. It is recommended for travellers who want a laid back fun island experience in a quieter and greener backdrop.

5. Short Let Apartments
If villas and farmhouses aren’t your thing, try the maisonettes, penthouses, and apartments in Malta instead. Many of them open their doors during the holiday season. Depending on the location, you may find a place with complete facilities, fully furnished, and even a swimming pool.

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