When you first arrive in Malta, you may actually be quite taken aback at the lack of mountains and forests that you came across. However, what else you find on Malta is truly incredible – what it lacks in traditional scenery, it more than makes up for along the way with some really outstanding natural features that have developed and transformed over the years. You should visit all of them, as they are truly a sight to behold both inside and outside, in fact just being near most of them makes just about anyone terrible excited!

Here are some of the best natural attractions that you ought to see;

Blue Lagoon
The blue lagoon is a truly astonishing sight – one of the smallest archipelagos in the area, there is much excitement to be had when spending your time here. With crystal clear waters fit for those who are able to ski, unlike myself, the warm sandy beaches make the perfect place to settle down for a relaxing sunbathing session. There are also some amazing rock formations that are perfect for a bit of hiking if you are feeling up to it!

Dingli Caves, Dingli village
The Dingli Caves are almost like an incredible fortress which was been built into the rock itself. Built into the Dingli Cliffs, these cliffs were used as a natural stronghold against all who opposed them. They give a truly outstanding view of the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s lovely to know that you are looking out across one of the most beautiful views you are likely to find in Europe. Probably many visitors’ favourite view of the Maltese vacation!

The Blue Grotto, near Wied iz-Zurrieq
The caverns are what really excite many during their visit to Malta. If you are a lover of all things coastal and pirate, you will love the different little sections you find yourself entering constantly. These caves seem carved and claimed by modern tools, except they have stood for hundreds of years – if not longer. The Blue Grotto itself is very cool, with outstandingly clear waters and an immense colour spectrum from within – a truly outstanding piece of nature at its best.

Ninu’s Cave
Gozo, the second largest island within the entire formation of Malta, has a small village on it called Xaghra. Underneath this small village, supposedly, are bounties and treasures. This underground cavern is full of limestone which has been here for centuries of, as well as stalagmite columns which are generations old – it is one of a whole host of exciting and scary caverns found within Malta!

Calypso’s Cave, overlooking Ramla Bay’s beach
Climb to this magnificent cave to understand what Odysseus felt whilst being Calypso’s prisoner of love, according to Homer. You may not stay for seven years, but the atmosphere and stunning views are definitely worth the climb.

Fungus Rock, Dwerja
If in Dwerja, do check out the majestic Fungus Rock, a 60-meter high single piece of a rock which forms an islet of its own. In the Middle Ages, the local Knights were the only ones allowed to enter and climb the island and the rock. Why? It was believed that a medical tuber providing cure for a host of ailments grew only there.

Azure Window, Dwerja
The Azure Window is like a giant doorway, through which you can imagine pirates sailing or just admire the blue view through it. If you manage to visit the Azure Window during the windy winter months, even better, as the stormy waves crash high inside it.



Natural Wonders — 2 Comments

  1. Malta is an absolute paradise for those that love rocky terrains and cliffs. Although I admire the tranquility a vast forest provides, I did feel like taking a step back in time whilst in Malta. You can stand on top of the cliffs and watch the stormy waters below, imagining you’re aboard Columbus’ ship on your way to the New World. If you’re into climbing, Malta is for you, as it provides abundant opportunities everywhere.

  2. Malta has such a wonderful nature, it has proven one of my most beloved photography destinations. Every island has something unique to capture, especially if you can go there outside the tourist period and enjoy it all for yourself. Winter waves breaking on the huge rocks, sunsets and colorful spring days provide the best sets there ever were for nature photos. Prepare to spend plenty of time at each spot and shooting plenty of frames so can be sure of getting some memorable ones.

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